Web App Server Licensing

The DataFlex WebApp Server powers dynamic, fast, secure, web database applications running on Microsoft Windows Server platforms.  A DataFlex WebApp Server includes the web application execution engine, various utilities, the embedded database and SQL database connectivity (extra cost for some license options). A DataFlex WebApp Server licence is required for each server operating system instance on which the software is installed.

For licensing purposes, a server operating system instance is a hardware server with one operating system installed or a server instance running a supported operating system in any form of premise-based or cloud-based virtual machine. Any server operating system instance requires its own, unique DataFlex WebApp Server license and registration code.

WebApp licensing requirements will vary depending on your own specific operating structure. The Dataflex license structure enables you to select the right licensing option to meet your WebApp licensing needs.

Web Client Licensing

The DataFlex Application Framework is designed to build web-based mobile applications and fully functional, browser-based business applications with desktop-like functionality. Many web business apps have similar-to-Windows usage and user profiles (users are known, managed, configured and granted rights by an administrator).

A Web Client License entitles a named end user to use the resources of a DataFlex WebApp Server. This license is the web equivalent of DataFlex Windows Client Licenses for desktop applications. For both Windows and web deployments, a license is required for each user of the software.

For details – visit the Data Access website page – DataFlex WebApp Server Licensing.

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