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Application DevelopmentThe technological landscape is changing at a rapid pace, most notably in the direction of mobile and web technologies. Future-proof your business and capitalise on the development and alternative trading opportunities that will exist in the future.

No two businesses are the same and therefore, no business solution can be the same.  Bespoke software development enables organisations to achieve a real competitive advantage with focused and customised software offering targeted solutions for business.  The DataFlex web framework provides a cost effective web development platform for fast and simple Web App development.

Asckey’s proactive, industry specialist development team work with clients to create applications that fully meet specific operational goals

Asckey’s industry specialist Web App development team work with you to provide bespoke application development – your business is unique; our tailored software systems are developed to simplify and streamline your key strategic processes to provide maximum efficiency.

The Web Framework can be used to quickly add web interfaces to existing DataFlex Windows applications to create new web applications. The framework’s classes can save developers literally years of development time by making it easier to move a Windows desktop application with all of its rich capabilities to the web.  DataFlex provides:

For Asckey application development clients and independent developers alike DataFlex offers:

  • Full development flexibility and integration capability
  • Business data collection/business intelligence tools – data analysis tools and data analysis solutions with Dynamic AI
  • System integration capability– bespoke systems can be customised to interface with other internal software
  • DataFlex training for bespoke application development – book you place today!
  •  System flexibility – bespoke systems offer more flexibility as requirements and business processes change
  • Reduced time and resource – no wasted system functionality for maximum ROI
  • Quality control – inhouse bespoke development is carried out under the remit of our ISO 9001:2008 certification

Developers – build Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures fast & easy with DataFlex. Web services are driving many companies’ application strategies today. DataFlex enables building, publishing and consuming web services as well as browser-based applications and Windows client-server solutions in a single, integrated environment.

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