DataFlex Studio

DataFlex Studio is a single tool that can successfully build and maintain the entire range of business solutions – fast & easy.  This rich object oriented language has a framework specifically designed for the visual development of database applications.

The framework, robust class library and comprehensive set of pre-programmed, data-aware controls provide everything needed for successful custom projects and high quality commercial products. 

Studio’s visual modelling and finely tuned functionality enhances developer productivity; re-usable Data Dictionaries and Business Process Objects eliminate huge amounts of redundant, high maintenance coding.

The DataFlex Start Centre helps new users become productive quickly and provides experienced users with a convenient launch point and on-line, up-to-the-minute information centre.  Wizards generate error-free, ready-to-compile code for Windows, web browser and web services applications and components.

Integrated source-level debugging helps track down and fix problems quickly and easily. Studio can fully integrate custom class libraries and generate application code based on custom libraries. Component Explorer enables the loading of multiple Components and source-code files on separate tabs.

Code Editor is an intuitive Studio feature that intelligently assists you in writing code, providing lists of context sensitive options and information.  Dramatically increase productivity with auto-complete functionality to speed up coding and help minimize errors.  Discover DataFlex Studio’s extensive build features and how they can be applied to your development project.

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