Database Connectivity

ConnectivityDataFlex “Connectivity Kits” (called database “adaptors” or “drivers” in other environments) connect applications to your preferred database server or environment to maximise the power of your database server.

What are the benefits of a Data Access DataFlex Connectivity Kit to developers and users?

  • Extended product life –  modern, standards-based, universally recognized DBMS back-ends running on LANs, WANs and in the Cloud
  • Application Integration – with other applications, nearly all of which use SQL-accessible databases
  • 3rd party product support – products work with your application’s database
  • Extended range of DataFlex language:  leverage your programming skills with existing and ubiquitous SQL databases
  • Improved performance – SQL DBMS engines are optimized for multi-user performance of transactional applications (superior to obsolete, file-based, file share data managers)
  • Reliability and database integrity – modern SQL DBMS servers do not suffer from the relative fragility of file based systems, especially over LANs, WANs and Wi-Fi connections
  • Application security – robust enterprise-level security advantages of modern SQL DBMS engines
  • Scalability – unlimited potential scale applications
  • Simple administration/maintenance –simplified application administration, maintenance and support with built-in tools and 3rd party products for SQL DBMS engines
  • Consistency – applications work consistently across all back-end options

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Shared servers
This is intended to cover low volume (concurrent connections, transaction throughput, database size and bandwidth usage) small business applications that are relatively stable. Your application will be mounted alongside other applications sharing a common foundation – such as DataFlex Web Application Server, or basic HTML facilities.

DataFlex Web Application Server
We maintain a dedicated DataFlex Web Application Server shared server environment and welcome developers who require a long-term, economical managed service.

Nb.  A shared server only offers facilities to operate a developed DataFlex Web Application Server based application. No other software, such as DataFlex Studio, MS office, etc can be assumed.