Dataflex Overview

The business landscape is changing at an ever increasing rate and to survive it is essential we keep pace. Ten years ago businesses were desk based, today mobile devices free us to work virtually anywhere…we used paper maps in our cars, today we talk to them …! Navigating the development process needs to be as intuitive as using your SatNav…!

DataFlex provides a comprehensive development platform and integrated framework to streamline the development process.

Asckey provide developers of web, windows and mobile platforms with DataFlex – the most cost effective and intuitive software development suite on the UK market.
DataFlex the developers sat nav
Gain maximum return on investment for you and your client.  Think of Dataflex as your development Satnav…!  Download DataFlex today…!

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Why DataFlex?

DataFlex enables fast development capability for reliable, high-performance applications for deployment on Windows and Web platforms. DataFlex provides:

  • Fast, easy visual development  with DataFlex studio, application framework, class library and rich set of pre-programmed, data-aware controls and components
  • Well managed and structured design and implementation of Windows and Web applications
  • Context sensitive lists and code writing options with CodeSense
  • Quick and easy tracking and fixing of problems with integrated, source-level debugging
  • Fully integrated custom class libraries with design studio
  • DataFlex Table Explorer and Table Editor make database management easy
  • Component Explorer enables the loading of multiple Components and source-code files on separate tabs. Start Centre provides dynamic functionality and valuable information and assistance to developers.

Dataflex offers:

Web-enable solutions  DataFlex windows Web Application Server and generic Web applications share a common technical and operating foundation.  Developers can reuse large portions of Windows applications to create new, browser based solutions in minimum time.

Windows-enabled Web applications  Internet applications with browser or mobile interfaces often need companion Windows applications to complete a business solution. DataFlex’s cross-platform application components enables the rapid construction of Windows interfaces on web, e-commerce and intranet solutions deployed with Web Application Server. The secure, high-performance Web Application Server seamlessly integrates with the Windows application environment. DataFlex makes building, publishing and consuming web services fast and easy.

Easy Integration of COM Automation and Active-X controls – Using pre-built components enhances productivity and accelerates solution building.  DataFlex enables you to easily integrate the vast array of COM servers and ActiveX controls into your DataFlex solutions.

Data integrity – Business rules and data validations are encapsulated in middle-tier Data Dictionary Objects – automatically bound to the application interface whether it runs on the Windows desktop, in a web browser or as a web service. Data Dictionary modeling allows visual maintenance of rules and validations without direct source code work.

In addition:

Improved application consistency and elimination of repetitive tasks – Every component of your application, from the database and business rules to forms and reports, are reusable and extendable. Enhanced support for sub-classing and external classes with the simplicity of drag and drop development for all custom controls.

Multiple platform application deployment – DataFlex is supported on Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and Citrix XenApp. Deploy your DataFlex Windows solutions with confidence on these widely accepted platforms for more efficient user management, access control and scalability.

Great looking, state-of-the-art Windows applications – Codejock controls and skinning framework enable developers to deliver great looking applications with state-of-the-art graphical user interfaces (GUIs), menus, toolbars and more!

Increased return on investment – DataFlex’s tiered development system accommodates the latest trends in distributed, rule-based, client/server business solution architecture. The combination of DataFlex’s methods and Studio provides an easy-to-master environment for business process-based application design.

DataFlex Business solutions deliver value into the future. Benefit from open connectivity to database management systems, efficient life-cycle maintenance and access to changing application client and server environments.


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