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Why developers choose DataFlex
DataFlex DevelopersBusiness solution developers worldwide choose DataFlex for fast, reliable and secure development of high-performance corporate, departmental and commercial applications for Windows or the Web.

•    Create applications faster with a single, integrated development environment
•    Extend your application’s functionality through a mature and proven object-oriented 4GL high level database controls
•    Reduce coding and produce more reliable, easier to maintain results – DataFlex provides a highly-tuned integrated development environment (the Studio IDE) including:

•    wizards for creating forms and reports
•    robust application framework and deployment components
•    embedded, transaction optimised DBMS
•    automated tools for publishing and consuming web services
•    client/server database connectivity options
•    mature, object-oriented 4GL

Benefit from:
•    Industry leading client/server database connection (including Pervasive.SQL, MS-SQL, IBM DB2, Oracle, or any ODBC compliant database)
•    Accurate reporting using DataFlex’s built in WinPrint technology, or for full-featured reporting with the world’s #1 reporting tool Crystal Reports for DataFlex
•    Web-enabled applications and standards based web services with the Web Application Server, DataFlex’s high-performance application server that seamlessly integrates with your DataFlex development environment
•    Data Dictionary Objects (to encapsulate your business rules and validations for unmatched data integrity, reusable components, automatic multi-user applications, and increased ROI through a proven client/server database application architecture)

New and experienced developers alike benefit from DataFlex’s assortment of tools that generate error-free, ready to compile results – quickly and easily.  Multi-file, relational forms with tabbed interfaces can be generated using Studio’s wizards without writing a line of code.

DataFlex solutions are database independent. Create and deploy on the embedded database or any of the industry’s top database servers without application changing code. Database independence means lower costs, faster change processes, more flexibility and more scalability as database capacity, security, performance, platform and cost considerations change.

Simply put – developers  use DataFlex “because it works”.  DataFlex Studio works efficiently for development, build and evolve business solutions.  The DataFlex Windows Client Engine works reliably supporting end user solutions in a wide range of sectors and the DataFlex Web Application Servers works seamlessly to deliver information securely across the Internet.

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