For Business

Increase Your Return on Investment
Improved ROIDataFlex’s tiered development system is designed to accommodate the latest trends in distributed, rule-based, client/server database application architecture. The combination of the DataFlex methods and the IDE provides an easy-to-master environment for business process-based application design.  DataFlex enables you to quickly take multiple applications to deployment, through well-controlled and structured development processes.

Robust, reliable data is an invaluable asset to key decision makers and users,  providing a competitive advantage in a changing world.

The right application development tool must support the specific needs of business by creating new applications rapidly, integrating legacy systems easily and delivering new forms of information as required. Professional developers worldwide use DataFlex to create scalable, reliable, high-performance Windows and web database applications and standards based web services.

DataFlex’s methods and tools translate to tangible business benefits:

  • Shorter application development cycles mean lower costs
  • Structured development environment means:  standardized development, fewer errors, easier maintenance and change implementation, more efficiency for teams collaborating on larger projects and more consistency in the results presented to end users
  • Faster code generation for faster results
  • Minimal overheads to change/upgrade database backends
  • Easy extension of application assets to new platforms and new user interfaces
  • Single, comprehensive system to create applications for all key platforms: Windows, web browser and web services

DataFlex for end users
A database application must provide its users with the functionality they need in a powerful, consistent, easy to navigate interface.  DataFlex applications are easy to work with; they provide prompting and status help and generally support an easy, natural workflow.  DataFlex users benefit from:

  • Multiple Document Interface (MDI) presentation of views
  • Data-aware pull-down menus
  • Button-bar, mouse and keyboard application and data navigation
  • Pop-up context menus
  • Status help available on all fields
  • Selection lists, validation tables, and confirmations and warnings on all data operations
  • Transaction integrity

Fully customizable application components and facilities are automatically generated by the visual design tools built into the DataFlex Studio development tool.  DataFlex applications promote efficient data entry and processing for application users.  Future-proof your applications – applications powered by DataFlex today will continue to deliver value tomorrow with open connectivity to database management systems, efficient life-cycle maintenance and future technological advances.