Dynamic AI

Business Intelligence – simplified

Dynamic AIDynamic AI is the simple and easy, extensive and capable, affordable, scalable and secure business intelligence system.

Dynamic AI’s Automated Intelligence® technologies make it simple to deliver real-time dashboards, querying, reporting and analysis to key decision makers and business users – fast!

Benefit from:

•    One-click dashboards & reports from any data source
•    Business Intelligence design and delivery capability over the web
•    Scheduled e-mailing of key data
•    Groups, pivots, totals and sorts data with drag-and-drop functionality
•    DataFlex application integration
•    Generation of sophisticated graphics, reports and more!

Fully browser-based, end-users benefit from Dynamic AI’s intuitive ability to provide key data from wherever a LAN or internet connection is available including mobile.  The ability to adapt interfaces to individual users was a key factor in the products’ evolution.  Combining user-rights, preferences and roles with back-end compatibility to database, makes Dynamic AI a valid and effective business data Application Interface.

Central server-based installation/database connection requires no client side installation and the addition of write-back features extends its use to address data-maintenance tasks.

Data filters, search and aggregation combined with drill-down capability and ad-hoc design change functionality facilitate “Activated Information”.  This information gives end-users several options to access the information needed in the correct format and to the required level while ensuring that administrators and developers have tight control with secure access to reports and underlying information.  As a generic platform for “Activated Information” compatible with market-leading databases, Dynamic AI has grown and is used in a wide range of organizations and industries all over the world.

View reports remotely via a mobile device. Enable key decision makers and business users in the decision making process by providing current, up-to-the-minute data accessible anywhere, anytime via PC’s, tablets or smart phone browsers.

DataFlex classes make it easy to integrate Dynamic AI reporting & BI solutions into your DataFlex applications!

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