DataFlex Reports

DataFlex ReportsDataFlex Reports is an uncomplicated, easy to use reporting tool that can access any server data base for delivery of timely, well organized reports and information to the people that need it.

Intuitive user interface makes data accessible for end-users and professional software developers alike.  Works with a wide variety of data sources including Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Pervasive SQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, the DataFlex embedded database and more.

What’s New in DataFlex Reports 2014 v4.0

Benefit from:

•    Simplified report designer that includes wizards, “experts”, drag & drop and WYSIWYG functionality help you creating great looking, pixel-perfect reports
•    The full range of formatting options including a rich library of string, logical and mathematical functions
•    Direct connection to DataFlex databases, as well as MS SQL, Pervasive.SQL, Oracle, etc. via ODBC
•    Output flexibility: view reports on-screen or print them; export reports to PDF, Comma Separated Values or text
•    Easy integration of reports into your DataFlex Windows applications. Automate the report integration process; a new report integration Library is automatically installed with your  DataFlex Studio when you install DataFlex Reports
•    Royalty-free deployment 0f reports integrated with your DataFlex Windows applications
•    The ability to lock your reports, so no one else can modify them

DataFlex Reports is available in Standard and Developer editions –  which one is right for you?

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