DataFlex Data Pump

DataFlex Data Pump

Benefit from simple, fast and efficient scheduling and exporting from the DataFlex embedded database to a Microsoft SQL Server database (including the Express Edition).  This new tool from Data Access Worldwide has been designed to simplify and help schedule the data export process.

With DataFelx Data Pump installed in the same environment as your Microsoft SQL Server database, you can schedule reoccurring, automatic conversions of DataFlex data to an SQL Server database, running at regular frequencies;  hourly, nightly, weekly, or as required.  Used in combination with Dynamic AI for Business Intelligence, DataFlex Data Pump can open up new  BI reporting, query and analysis options instantly giving your applications exciting new capabilities without introducing major system changes.

Benefit from:

•    Enhanced development capability
•    Automatic data exports
•    New reporting pathways/options

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