Data Access products

Data Access Worldwide offers a suite of advanced, high-productivity Data Access products to build a wide range of business solutions including:



DataFlex (DF) – the complete software platform for rapid development and deployment of Windows, web, mobile and cloud based applications.  Finely tuned compontent interaction eliminates a huge amount of tedious and redundant custom coding. Developers seeking to quickly create database applications rely on DataFlex RAD tools.

DataFlex Content Manager

DataFlex Content Manager (CM) – easy creation, management and publication of information on the web. A free CM licence is included with DataFlex or it can be purchased stand-alone.  CM deployment licenses are available for website hosting.  Source code licenses available for developers wanting to customize or extend the product’s functionality.  DataFlex CM runs via a Web Application Server and forms the foundation of the website.

DataFlex Reports

DataFlex Reports – software tool for delivering timely, well organized reports and information to the people that need it. Designed to be used by end-users, power-users and professional software developers alike, DataFlex Reports works with a wide variety of data sources including Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Pervasive SQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, the DataFlex embedded database and more.

DataFlex Data Pump
DataFlex Data Pump – New tool from Data Access Worldwide for easy  scheduling the exporting of data from the DataFlex embedded database to a Microsoft SQL Server database (including the Express Edition).  Schedule recurring, automatic conversions of DataFlex data to an SQL Server database to run hourly, nightly, weekly, as often as required.

Dynamic AI
Dynamic AI – provides Business Intelligence, quickly and simply. With Dynamic AI, any web browser becomes the window on your world of information. See summaries, dashboards, alerters, reports, drill-downs, forms, pivot tables, lists, interactive queries and more instantly with only a web browser, your data and Dynamic AI.

Access the Data Access website for further Data Access product information or ring 0845 270 7747 for details.