Asckey Data Services Ltd – UK Channel Partners for Data Access Europe exclusively since 2009

Asckey Data ServicesAs the UK Channel Partners for Data Access Europe, Asckey are the central contacts for the UK DataFlex developer community. As well as a regular Dataflex email newsletter, Asckey run bespoke training sessions and DataFlex FUSION seminars (previously known as Special Interest Groups – dating back to 1997).  A collaboration with a number of regular attendees resulted in the development of the UK DataFlex SIG Codejock framework.

Asckey Data Services Ltd is a software development house and specialist hosting provider. All software developments are undertaken primarily using the Dataflex application development system. As well as a general business application development capability, Asckey has a specialised knowledge of Estates and Facilities management within the UK National Health Service. Asckey’s primary software product ranges using the DataFlex development platform include:

  • The fmfirst® product suite was developed using DataFlex. This comprehensive integrated facilities management system is designed for the specific needs of the NHS and is in use in several NHS trusts. Increases productivity in the NHS by streamlining key task management processes.
  • Asckey provide development and hosting services for the efm-information data collection tool for the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), on behalf of the Department of Health. Built with DataFlex and operated through the DataFlex Web Application Server, this suite of web based applications share a common web gateway to gather extensive information related to the management of the NHS estate.

Asckey Data Services provide extensive hosting facilities.  For NHS related applications and servers operating within the NHS N3 private network, N3 hosting is available for Dataflex developers looking for specialist 3rd party web application hosting.

Data Access product distribution including: DataFlex, DataFlex Content Manager, DataFlex Reports and Dynamic AI to the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

For details visit www.asckey.co.uk  Contact us on 0845 270 7747 or email enquiries@asckey.com with your requirements.